What are the 4 Popular FMCG Labels? | Jainytic Packaging

FMCG products are the final products that are ready to be used by consumers. India accounts for around US$ 263 billion till 2022. The FMCG market is expected to rise to USD $470 billion by 2025 exponentially.
The 4 Types of Popular FMCG Labels are as follows:

Shrink Sleeve Labels: these are available in various formats- for example partial sleeves, full body shrink sleeve labels, and shrink bands. These labels are mostly vibrant and are 360 degree printed. The labels are stuck during the printing process where the labels are conformed to the shape of the container.

Self-Adhesive Labels: These are the most used labels in the FMCG market. In this, the label is die-cut and attached to the product container manually. Self-Adhesive Labels are like stickers that are made of premium-quality glue to offer a polished look to your product.

Braille Labels: These labels are specially curated for visually impaired buyers. The brands who walk that extra mile for consumers, are implementing these labels to cater to all types of customers.

Booklet Labels: Aesthetic and communicative, narrate your brand’s story with visually appealing booklet labels.
Other types of labels that are stealing the show in the FMCG industry are
Peel Back Labels, Warning Labels, Security Labels and Descriptive Labels.
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