Top Node.js frameworks that developers should learn for easy Node.js development

"Here are some top Node.js frameworks developers can use while developing Node.js projects:

# Express: A fast, minimalist framework that provides a set of features for web and mobile applications.
# Hapi: A rich framework for building applications and services, with support for input validation, caching, authentication, and more.
# Koa: A lightweight framework designed to be a smaller, more expressive, and more robust foundation for web applications and APIs.
# NestJS: A framework for building efficient, scalable Node.js server-side applications. It is built with a modular architecture that follows the principles of object-oriented programming.
# Sails.js: A framework for building practical, production-ready Node.js apps. It is designed to mimic the familiar MVC pattern of frameworks like Ruby on Rails, but with support for the requirements of modern apps: data-driven APIs with scalable, service-oriented architecture.

There are many other frameworks available, and the best choice for your project will depend on your specific needs and preferences."