Sub Zero – One of the Best Refrigerated Truck Manufacturers in India

When we call Sub Zero the Best refrigerated truck Manufacturer in India, it comes with some solid reasons. Sub Zero began its journey in 2015 as a division of the renowned commercial vehicle body manufacturing company of Jayanand Khira, established in 1949. The Khira Group has been India’s leading refrigerated container manufacturer since 1985 and is well-known in the Indian industry. While the condition of the Indian cold chain industry was dire, Sub Zero acquired the best reefer box manufacturing machinery from Israel to provide superior products at competitive rates and adapted especially for the Indian market. The company introduced composite sandwich panel technology, which offered advantages such as making the truck bodies lightweight, ensuring longer product life, no corrosion issues, and better aesthetic over other materials. As a result, customers also benefit through increased payloads, better fuel efficiency, and reduced running of refrigeration units.

How it all started with Sub Zero?
To become the top insulated truck body manufacturer in India and to raise the standard of the country’s cold chain infrastructure, which will cut down on supply chain waste.

Produce insulated truck bodies of the highest quality while keeping delivery schedules and low pricing to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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