SAP SD Training & Certification & Corporate Training in South Africa

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution): This module manages all aspects of sales processes including sales order processing, shipping, billing, and customer relationship management.
Training Options
Institutes Offering SAP SD Training:

SAP Education Partners: Authorized SAP training providers such as SAP Africa Education offer comprehensive courses.
Private Training Institutes: Organizations like CTU Training Solutions, Bytes People Solutions, and Mecer Inter-Ed provide SAP SD courses.
Online Platforms: Websites such as Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning offer flexible online courses accessible from anywhere.
Course Structure:

Introduction to SAP SD: Basics of SAP ERP, navigation, and fundamental concepts.
Sales Order Processing: Managing customer orders, quotations, and contracts.
Shipping and Delivery: Handling deliveries, transportation, and shipping documents.
Billing: Managing billing processes, invoices, and credit/debit memos.
Customer Master Data: Maintaining customer data and sales conditions.
Pricing and Taxation: Configuration of pricing procedures and tax determination.
Credit and Risk Management: Techniques for managing customer credit and assessing risk.
Sales Reporting and Analysis: Tools and techniques for sales reporting and performance analysis.
Integration with Other Modules: Training on how SAP SD integrates with other modules like MM (Materials Management), FI (Financial Accounting), and CO (Controlling).
Hands-on Practice: Real-time scenarios and case studies to provide practical knowledge.
Preparation for Certification: Mock exams and certification preparation.
Certification Details
SAP Certification Levels:

Associate Level: Basic knowledge and skills for beginners.
Professional Level: Advanced expertise and experience for professionals with hands-on experience.
Specialist Level: Focuses on a specific component or process within SAP SD.
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