SAP MM Training & Certification in Cairo at Prompt Edify

Comprehensive Curriculum:
Introduction to SAP MM:

Overview of SAP ERP and Navigation:
Introduction to SAP ERP system architecture and basic navigation skills.
Understanding the significance and role of SAP MM within the ERP framework.
Key Concepts and Terminology:
Familiarization with essential SAP MM terminology and concepts.
Insights into procurement cycles, inventory management, and material master data.
Procurement Processes:

Purchase Requisition and Order:
Creation and management of purchase requisitions and purchase orders.
Implementation of approval processes and release strategies.
Vendor Selection and Evaluation:
Criteria and methodologies for vendor selection and evaluation.
Vendor management and performance monitoring.
Inventory Management:

Goods Receipt and Issue:
Managing the processes for goods receipt and goods issue.
Handling stock transfers and stock movements efficiently.
Warehouse Management:
Structuring of warehouses, storage types, and storage bins.
Conducting physical inventory and cycle counting.
Master Data Management:

Material Master Data:
Configuration and management of material master records.
Key fields and their significance in material master data.
Vendor Master Data:
Setup and maintenance of vendor master records.
Integration of vendor data with procurement processes.
Valuation and Account Determination:

Material Valuation:
Different valuation methods and their applications in SAP MM.
Understanding price control and moving average price.
Account Determination:
Configuration of automatic account determination.
Integration with financial accounting for seamless transactions.
Invoice Verification:

Invoice Processing:
Handling of invoices, credit memos, and subsequent debits.
Implementing the three-way match process (Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoice).
Integration with Finance:
Posting of invoices to financial accounting.
Managing payment processes and handling discrepancies.
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