PCI Express® DirectAttached™ CEM Card Edge Connectors

Amphenol's 1.0mm pitch DirectAttached™ CEM (DA CEM) is a hybrid card edge solution with high-speed signal pins designed to directly attach to the cable to eliminate PCB trace loss and press-fit termination type power pins for better rework.

As compared to typical PCIe® riser card solutions, the DirectAttached™ CEM connectors provide SI loss improvement of 0.5db to 1.0db when used with a PCIe® riser cable.

Although the connector footprint differs from standard PCIe® CEM, the mating interface meets standard PCIe® AIC specifications and is backward compatible with Gen 4/3/2/1

Amphenol has tooled Gen 5 DA CEM with configurations available for X8 and X16, at 32GT/s data rate to meet PCIe® Gen 5.