MarTech Interview with Kaveh Vahdat, Marketing Expert, Founder and President of RiseOpp

Hello Kaveh, could you provide some insights into your professional journey within the marketing realm that eventually led to your position as Founder and President of RiseOpp?
When I was studying for my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, my friends and I founded a tech company. I became the head of marketing in that company that eventually had different SBUs (strategic business units) in digital electronics, telecommunications, software, and education. I had to devise marketing plans for each SBU and figure out how to make them successful. Fast forward an MBA degree, 20 years of experience, and an startup exit, I have worked in many different sectors including but not limited to healthcare, gaming, food, and of course deep tech, and while my main focus and expertise has remained as marketing, I have also shipped tech products, led full operations, and dealt with all aspects of business.

When scoping a fractional CMO for startups, what are the key considerations and factors that need to be taken into account?
When a startup approaches RiseOpp as a source for Fractional CMO hire, as the first step, we want to understand the current status of the startup. It involves interviewing the startup leaders to get answers to the following questions:

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