Everything About Cashless Everywhere

Everything About Cashless Everywhere


In a significant leap forward for the Indian insurance industry, the ‘Cashless Everywhere’ initiative has been introduced by the General Insurance Council (GIC) in collaboration with health and general insurance companies. This groundbreaking system aims to revolutionize the way policyholders access medical treatment, making it more convenient, transparent, and hassle-free.

What Is ‘Cashless Everywhere’?

Under the ‘Cashless Everywhere’ system, health insurance policyholders now have the freedom to seek cashless treatment in any hospital, regardless of whether it is part of the insurer’s network. Here’s how it works:

Hospital Freedom: Policyholders can choose any hospital for treatment, even if it is not in the network of the insurance company. This flexibility eliminates the previous constraint that limited cashless services to network hospitals only.

Simplified Claims: The initiative aims to simplify claims processing. Previously, policyholders had to opt for reimbursement when dealing with non-network hospitals. Now, they can enjoy a seamless cashless experience, reducing the stress of upfront payments.

Boosting Trust: By expanding the cashless facility beyond network hospitals, the system aims to reduce fraud and build greater trust in the insurance industry.

Benefits to Hospitals

Increased Footfall: By participating in the ‘Cashless Everywhere’ system, hospitals open their doors to a wider patient base. Policyholders can choose any hospital, leading to increased footfall and potential revenue.

Streamlined Processes: Hospitals no longer need to wait for reimbursement approvals. Cashless transactions ensure prompt payment, reducing administrative burden and improving operational efficiency.

Enhanced Reputation: Hospitals that offer cashless services gain a competitive edge. Patients appreciate the convenience and trust hospitals that prioritize their well-being.

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