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How to obtain FSSAI Central license

Obtaining Government Licenses / Permits is one of the requirements for registering a firm entity. If you work in the food industry as a hawker, itinerant vendor, or temporary stall... Read More

How to set up Plastic waste recycling plant in india.

The issue arising in the Plastic Industry cannot be resolved in a single day, and it will necessitate continuous efforts on the part of all individuals. Plastic as a substance... Read More

PWM refers to "Plastic Waste Management" regulations. The Government of India has established regulations to manage the collection, segregation, storage, transportation, processing, and disposal of plastic waste. The Plastic Waste... Read More

Plastic recycling will help India's business.

Plastic recycling to fuel is a business that converts waste plastic into fuel. This can be accomplished through pyrolysis, a process in which plastic is heated in the absence of... Read More

Converting plastic into bricks is a process that involves using plastic waste to create building materials. The process typically involves shredding and melting the plastic, which is then poured into... Read More